Steamatic's Water Damage Restoration Success

Steamatic Restored 18 floors of a Water Damaged Apartment Complex

Water damage can be a homeowner’s nightmare, especially in high-rise apartment complexes. Recently, we were called upon by an Insurance Loss Adjuster to address the aftermath of a burst pipe in a well-known high-rise apartment building. This incident led to extensive water damage across multiple floors, affecting common areas and residential units. 

The Initial Challenge:

Upon arrival at the scene, Steamatic faced a significant challenge – multiple floors were saturated with water, resulting in damage to ceilings, carpets, and some of the building’s overall structure. The immediate concern was to prevent further harm and initiate a comprehensive restoration process.

Drying and Restoration:

Steamatic’s restoration approach commenced with a meticulous drying process for both floors and walls. This step was crucial to extract moisture thoroughly, ensuring a solid foundation for the subsequent restoration stages. The focus was not just on visible damage but also on preventing potential long-term issues that could arise from inadequate drying.

Carpet Restoration:

One of the most impacted areas was the carpet in common spaces. The water-damaged carpet underwent a two-step process involving drying and steam cleaning. This method not only addressed visible damage but also mitigated potential microbial threats, ensuring a comprehensive recovery. The success of this process was evident as the carpet returned to its pre-loss condition in the affected parts of the building.

Mould Assessment and Resolution:

Following the restoration of the carpet, Steamatic conducted a comprehensive mould assessment. This step was crucial to identify and eliminate any potential mould exposure symptoms. The goal was to determine if further mould removal was necessary.

The conclusive review confirmed that the building had successfully returned to its pre-loss condition.