Odour and Bacterial Removal Services

Odour and Bacterial Removal Services

Steamatic has a secret weapon – Biosweep – a guaranteed treatment for eliminating odours at the source!

Biosweep’s unique, five-stage process, called Phocatox, combines the latest in airborne and surface contamination destruction technology. Unlike other equipment available on the market today, BioSweep creates a gas producing and exporting very high levels of vaporized hydrogen peroxide and purified ozone out into treatment areas for effective surface decontamination.

These agents work together in oxidizing against airborne and surface contaminants before rapidly returning back to natural inert elements, posing no environmental hazards and allowing for immediate re-entry to treated areas. Unlike other inferior technologies in use, our equipment rapidly produces permanent result with no chemical residues and no odours!

Steamatic’s Biosweep can be used for:

  • Fire/smoke odour removal
  • Mould/mildew abatement
  • Chemical/fuel spill odours
  • Bacteria/virus mitigation
  • Any odour eradication
  • Vehicle and other transport odour removal
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) odour eradication
  • Contents remediation on-site
  • Whole building bio-sanitation