Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Carpet and furnishing can be cleaned cheaply OR professionally but not both.

Some carpet cleaners would like you to believe cleaning carpets is simply a matter of using detergent, water and vacuuming but that’s simply not true. Could you imagine washing your car without rinsing the soap off? The soap would leave a sticky film that attracts dirt faster. Now imagine that film left in your carpets.
Estimates show that 80% of all soil in your carpet is brought in from outdoors. Dirt, pollen, bacteria, dust mites, waste and spores are drawn to your carpet like a magnet. These contaminants can cause serious health hazards like allergies and upper respiratory infections.

Most major carpet manufacturers recommend the hot water extraction method to maintain your warranty and extend the life of your carpet. Steamatic’s patented cleaning equipment uses:

  • hot water soil extraction to clean your carpet and furniture without soap or harsh chemicals
  • super heated water and an emulsifier to remove dirt and debris at the molecular level
  • powerful vacuums to extract the dirt and water leaving your carpet clean and decontaminated.

Other methods using mechanical scrubbing action, shampoo, “dry” carbonated chemicals, and dry granular compounds leave problems and dirt behind. Rotary brush or mop cleaning can cause pile distortion and flaring, leave a sticky residue causing your carpet to rapidly re-soil or remove only the surface dirt pushing the rest deeper into the carpet.

Oriental and area rugs are our specialty. The rugs are removed and cleaned in our dedicated facility. They are delivered to you clean and dry. If the carpets are cleaned in place they can mildew, bleed through and damage the carpet or hardwood flooring underneath.