Precision Laser Cleaning Services

Precision Laser Cleaning’s technology is a true game changer in surface cleaning. In the past, many soiled and damaged surfaces were considered too expensive to fix or even beyond economic repair. Costly treatment processes requiring specialist cleaning agents, extensive man hours and possible contamination of the object – and its surrounds – meant many valuable assets were left in their contaminated state or just abandoned.

As you can see in our video, laser cleaning is truly revolutionary. It’s fast, doesn’t require any chemicals, there’s no cleanup and it’s precise. Our trained technicians can remediate soiled and contaminated objects that might otherwise be treated with inferior methods that incur additional costs and even cause additional, lasting damage.

The applications for PLC laser cleaning are extensive as you can see. From the most robust structures to the most delicate and sensitive items of machinery, laser cleaning offers first-pass contamination removal without chemicals or residue.