Brick Restoration: Laser Cleaning for Smoke-Damaged Bricks

Brick Restoration: Laser Cleaning for Smoke-Damaged Bricks

In the aftermath of a substantial garage fire, the brickwork faced a formidable challenge – significant smoke damage. While other contractors had already successfully repaired and painted the ceiling and plaster, the delicate nature of the brickwork ruled out traditional methods such as dry ice or garnet blasting. Steamatic was specifically called upon for our expertise in brick restoration, showcasing our proficiency in this specialised field.

The Challenge:

Conventional methods like dry ice or garnet blasting were not viable due to the risk of runoff, posing a threat to the recently painted surfaces.

Brick Restoration Solution:

Laser cleaning emerged as the most suitable and effective tool for this restoration task. The technology ensured a meticulous restoration process, eliminating any concerns related to runoff or damage to surrounding surfaces.

The restoration not only revived the bricks but also preserved the integrity of the recently repaired and painted areas.

The precision and effectiveness of this method not only met but exceeded expectations, showcasing the potential of advanced techniques in the realm of brick restoration.

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