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Flood Restoration in Albury-Wodonga

A residential property in Albury Wodonga experienced a severe flood that resulted in extensive mud deposits throughout, creating a complex clean-up and restoration challenge. Steamatic Albury Wodonga was called in to respond to this disaster. Working in collaboration with a local builder, Steamatic successfully restored the property to its pre-disaster condition.

The Challenges

Floods are notorious for causing extensive damage, not just from the water but also from the vast amount of mud and debris left behind once the waters recede. In this case, the property was inundated with mud, affecting both the interior and exterior areas. The key challenges included:

  1. Extensive Mud Deposits: The property and its contents were covered with mud and debris requiring thorough cleaning.
  2. Structural Damage: The flood had damaged plasterboards, door jambs, skirtings, and architraves.
  3. Microbial Contamination: There was a risk of mould and microbial growth due to exposure to water and mud.
  4. Exterior Damage: The driveway, exterior tiles, walls, and fences were also affected.
  5. Comprehensive Cleaning Needs: The cleaning had to be detailed, involving all surfaces, glass doors, tracks, and interior spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

Flood Damage Restoration Solution

Steamatic Albury Wodonga employed a comprehensive and systematic approach to address the extensive flood damage and contamination. The following steps were undertaken to restore the property:

  1. Structural Drying: Drying equipment was installed, including dehumidifiers, axial air movers, and booster boxes, to remove moisture from the structure.
  2. Demolition and Removal: Damaged plasterboard, skirtings, architraves, and door jambs were removed to prepare for building works.
  3. External High-Pressure Cleaning:
    • All exterior tiles, the concrete driveway, the garage, and mud-affected walls were cleaned.
    • Pathways, exterior walls, fences, and the carport were thoroughly pressure washed.
  4. Interior Cleaning:
    • Mud was removed from all tracks and base plates throughout the house and granny flat.
    • Rooms, including the kitchen, bathroom, ensuite, and all living spaces, were cleaned.
    • Surfaces in wardrobes, pantries, and cupboards were meticulously cleaned.
    • Small amounts of surface mould were treated and removed.
  5. Contents Restoration: Steamatic Albury Wodonga compiled and disposed of non-restorable items while cleaning, decontaminating, and packing out restorable content items, which were then stored offsite at their warehouse. We tested restorable electrical items and dry-cleaned items. Prior to moving the restrored item back into the property, we performed a builders clean. Finally, returning contents from the insured’s temporary accommodation and warehouse storage back to their property, reassembled necessary items such as beds, and assisted in unpacking the contents.

The Outcome

The collaborative effort between Steamatic Albury Wodonga and the local builder resulted in the successful restoration of the property. The property was returned to its pre-disaster condition, free from mud, debris, and contaminants. The detailed and thorough cleaning ensured that all interior and exterior surfaces were restored, and the structural integrity of the property was re-established. The outcome demonstrated the importance of a systematic and comprehensive approach in flood restoration, highlighting Steamatic’s expertise and commitment to quality service.


Before Flood Restoration

Flood Restoration Albury-Wodonga 1 Flood Restoration Albury-Wodonga 2Flood Restoration Albury-Wodonga 3 Flood Restoration Albury-Wodonga 4 Flood Restoration Albury-Wodonga 5 Flood Restoration Albury-Wodonga 6 Flood Restoration Albury-Wodonga 7 Flood Restoration Albury-Wodonga 8 Flood Restoration Albury-Wodonga 9


After Flood Restoration

After Flood Restoration 1 After Flood Restoration 2 After Flood Restoration 3 After Flood Restoration 4 After Flood Restoration 5 After Flood Restoration 6

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