Removing Graffiti Amidst the Urban Hustle of Geelong Central

Removing Graffiti Amidst the Urban Hustle of Geelong Central

Steamatic Geelong, renowned for its restoration expertise, faced a formidable challenge when it was tasked with removing graffiti from a historic building nestled amidst pedestrian thoroughfares and vehicle traffic. With stringent time constraints, regulatory hurdles, and logistical intricacies, the project demanded meticulous planning and innovative solutions.

The Challenges:

The building’s prime location posed a significant logistical challenge for Steamatic Geelong. Situated on a busy thoroughfare, accessing the two-story structure required a 24m boom lift, necessitating the closure of one lane of the road, eight car parks, and the pedestrian walkways. Additionally, navigating council permits and adhering to strict time limitations from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm further compounded the complexity of the project.

The Solutions:

To overcome these challenges, Steamatic Geelong orchestrated a comprehensive strategy which involved:

  • Engaging traffic management professionals to ensure the safe implementation of the boom lift, mitigating disruptions to vehicular and pedestrian flow.
  • Obtaining the required council permits to meet all compliance requirements.
  • Utilising the 24m boom lift to facilitate efficient access to the building’s exterior, enabling restoration work with precision.
  • Meticulous scheduling within the allocated time frames optimised productivity and minimised inconvenience to the public.

The Outcome:

Despite the obstacles, Steamatic Geelong triumphed in restoring the building’s charm and character, delivering exceptional results within the stipulated timeframe. The successful execution of the project underscored Steamatic Geelong’s proficiency in overcoming complex restoration challenges while maintaining a commitment to quality and efficiency. The revitalised building stands as a testament to Steamatic Geelong’s unwavering dedication to excellence.


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