Steamatic Geelong Restored Electrical Cabinets After an Electrical Fire

How Steamatic Geelong restored electrical service cabinets post an electrical fire


The Challenge: 

The electrical fire severely impacted the service cabinets, bringing production to a standstill. The manufacturer was under immense pressure to resume operations swiftly to minimise financial losses. The restoration presented multiple challenges:

  • Urgency: Immediate action was required to prevent prolonged downtime.
  • Limited Access: The service cabinets had intricate componentry with restricted accessibility.
  • Specialised Cleaning: Standard cleaning methods were inadequate; specialised techniques were essential to avoid further damage and ensure thorough decontamination.


The Solution:  

Steamatic Geelong rose to the challenge with a swift and expert response.

Key actions included:

  1. Rapid Deployment:
    • A team of skilled technicians was dispatched immediately.
    • The team was fully equipped to handle the situation on-site.
  2. Specialised Cleaning Techniques:
    • Laser Cleaning: Utilised for precise removal of contaminants without damaging sensitive components.
    • Dry Ice Blasting: Employed to clean hard-to-reach areas and intricate parts without leaving residue or moisture.
  3. Comprehensive Restoration:
    • Both internal and external surfaces of the service cabinets were meticulously cleaned.
    • Corrosive soot and associated odours were completely removed, preventing further damage and ensuring a clean environment for recommissioning.


Steamatic Geelong’s prompt and efficient intervention enabled the manufacturer to resume recommissioning work within the same day. This rapid response mitigated potential financial losses and underscored Steamatic Australia’s capability to deliver effective solutions under pressure.

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