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Mould Remediation in a Tertiary Education Facility following a Significant 1.5m Flood Event

In a significant flood event at a major tertiary educational facility located in a large regional town, severe flooding caused water levels to rise over 1.5 meters throughout the premises. This incident necessitated immediate action to mitigate damage and restore normal operations.

The Challenges:

The facility managers faced several challenges in the aftermath of the flood. Firstly, there was a critical need to ensure the facility dried properly to prevent further structural damage and mitigate health risks, particularly concerning mould formation. Additionally, coordinating the restoration efforts among various contractors and ensuring compliance with hygiene standards posed logistical and regulatory challenges.

The Solutions:

To address the challenges, the facility management took a structured approach. Initially, they allowed the facility to undergo natural drying processes while seeking expert advice on the reinstatement works. Recognising the potential health risks posed by mould, an independent hygienist was engaged to assess the extent of the contamination. Upon confirmation of mould presence, Steamatic was enlisted to conduct comprehensive mould remediation in two distinct stages.

The Outcome:

The remediation and decontamination process spanned a rigorous six-week period and culminated in approval from the independent Hygienist, affirming compliance with safety and health standards. By systematically addressing the flood damage and mould issue, the facility not only restored its operational integrity but also ensured a safe environment for staff and visitors.

This structured approach not only highlighted the challenges faced but also emphasised the effectiveness of the solutions implemented, leading to a successful outcome despite the initial adversity posed by the flooding incident.

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