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Steamatic Global Recovery Restored a Major Shopping Centre after a 1.2m Flood

In response to regional flooding that inundated the Hinkler Shopping Centre in Bundaberg, Queensland, with 1.2 meters of floodwaters, Steamatic Global Recovery swiftly mobilised to mitigate the extensive damage and restore the facility to operational standards.

The Challenge:

The Hinkler Shopping Centre, spanning 32,000 square meters and housing 86 retail stores along with 3 major department stores, faced severe flooding that posed significant operational and structural challenges. Immediate action was imperative to prevent further damage and to restore the centre to normalcy.

The Solution:

Within 24 hours of the flooding incident, Steamatic Global Recovery initiated a comprehensive recovery plan:

  • Emergency Response: The team immediately commenced with bulk water removal and deployed mitigation measures to minimise ongoing losses.
  • Environmental Stabilisation: Utilising 17 units of large-capacity desiccant dehumidification equipment, Steamatic stabilised the internal environment and began the drying process of the entire structure.
  • Structural Assessment: Through meticulous moisture mapping, Steamatic Global Recovery identified and removed structurally compromised materials, ensuring a thorough restoration process.
  • Retail Assistance: Collaborating closely with the major department stores, Steamatic aided in the removal of damaged stock and facilitated the restoration of fixtures and fittings to speed up their reopening.
  • Comprehensive Restoration: The team conducted a comprehensive cleaning, sanitisation, and clearance testing of the entire facility to meet stringent operational standards and ensure a safe environment for shoppers and staff alike.

Through their swift and effective response, Steamatic Global Recovery successfully restored the Hinkler Shopping Centre, demonstrating their expertise in handling large-scale commercial recovery operations amidst challenging conditions.

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