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Vodacom Tanzania

Vodacom Tanzania is Tanzania’s leading cellular network company. A small but significant fire broke out at the company’s Kwale Street exchange.

The impact related fire occurred in the battery room within the MSC building. Whilst the thermal damage was contained to areas adjoining the seat of the fire, the resultant smoke and soot contamination was extensive throughout the exchange.

The Challenge

To ensure telecommunications remained available in the country, all works would have to be completed without system downtime.

Solution provided

  • Immediate mobilisation and attendance with Steamatic Major Loss team within 48 hours.
  • Project team of 14 Steamatic staff deployed to Tanzania.
  • Successfully control the environment to minimise the risk of corrosion and further system failures.
  • Complete facility decontamination by simultaneously cleaning the 12 contaminated rooms to minimise the risk of further system downtime.
  • Clean and decontaminate soot from under suspended floor.
  • Encapsulated inaccessible sections of the roof cavity with latex to prevent fallout of soot and re-contamination.
  • Worked closely with Vodacom management from Head Office in Johannesburg to minimise business interruption.

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