Responding to Cyclone Jasper | Steamatic Cairns' Resilience

Responding to Cyclone Jasper: Steamatic Cairns’ Resilience in the Wake of Australia’s Wettest Cyclone

Severe Tropical Cyclone Jasper made history as the wettest tropical cyclone in Australian records, surpassing the infamous Cyclone Peter of 1979. As the cyclone intensified, reaching Category 4 status, sustained winds were estimated to reach 220 km/h (Joint Typhoon Warning Centre (JTWC)). The economic toll of Jasper’s wrath has been significant, with the Insurance Council of Australia estimating losses at AU$1 billion. The widespread damage and disruption underscored the urgent need for comprehensive disaster recovery efforts.

Following the cyclone, Steamatic Cairns experienced an unprecedented influx of work, with over 400 jobs lodged within the month following the event. This surge in demand required swift and effective action, pulling on our category 5 planning, the Cairns team grew by 300% to counteract the incoming workload and enable the team to provide timely assistance to those in need. One of Steamatic Australia’s core strengths lies in its nationwide presence, enabling seamless collaboration and resource allocation across regions.

The extensive damage inflicted upon Far North Queensland (FNQ) necessitated our operations to extend as far north as Cooktown, with our southernmost job located in Tully, spanning over 500 kilometres. However, the geographical challenges extended beyond the sheer distances covered. Sections of the Captain Cook Highway, a vital lifeline connecting Cairns to Port Douglas, were destroyed by landslides and floodwaters, posing additional obstacles to reaching affected areas. Despite these challenges, Steamatic Cairns remained committed to its mission of assisting communities in times of crisis.

As FNQ continues its journey of recovery, Steamatic Cairns remains dedicated to supporting affected individuals and businesses. While some areas, including parts of the Daintree, remain inaccessible due to safety concerns, our team is ready to respond as soon as conditions permit. The safety and well-being of our team members and clients remain our top priority as we navigate the road to recovery together.

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