Specialised Services

Steamatic is known for being the people you come to with a job no one else wants to do or can do!
We have spent time training staff and developing solutions for these difficult jobs.  Often the processes and methods used can be used for many jobs with quick, successful and cost effective results.

The specialist services and procedures include:

  • Dry Ice, Garnet & Sodium Blasting – Used for hard to reach surfaces, heavy contamination i.e. fire, graffiti, rust, etc.  Can be adapted for most cleaning requirements.
  • Clandestine/Drug Lab Cleanup
  • Crime/Trauma Scenes
  • Deceased Estates
  • Gamma Irradiation  – Used for heavily soiled items including fabrics, organic goods, and other items to eradicate biological contamination.
  • Latex Cleaning – Used to remove soot, dirt from porous surfaces such as marble, brickwork etc.
  • Steamatic Surface Defence –  Specialist compound, excellent for providing long term protection on common surfaces
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning – Excellent for blinds, jewellery, fire damaged contents and other general content items.
  • Unsanitary & Hoarders Properties

The Steamatic Difference

Emergency Response, 24/7:  We have the staff to respond in emergency situations at any time of day.

Trained Staff:  Our staff are trained in the specialist methods and equipment that may be required.  Our supervisors can quickly assess a situation onsite to work out the best procedure for the job.

Unique Options:  Offering an alternative to manual cleaning such as dry ice blasting or garnet blasting may give a quicker, more effective and cleaner result.

Specialised Equipment:  At Steamatic we have developed specialist techniques and equipment such as ultrasonic cleaning, freeze drying, biohazard cleans, etc.