Blast Cleaning Services

blast cleaning services

An innovator in introducing new technologies to the cleaning market, Steamatic has created an environmentally sensitive process for cleaning machinery and other delicate surfaces with minimal residue and downtime.

Our dry ice blasting service is an extraordinary innovation, revitalising delicate machinery components and other hard surfaces. This adaptable technology decreases and eliminates mildew, can deal with a huge variety of surface conditions, including moisture-sensitive areas, and involves virtually no clogging or mess.

The Steamatic dry ice blasting service is suitable for:

  • Tooling clean-up and preparation
  • Adhesive and paint removal
  • Equipment degreasing
  • Painted surface preparation
  • Corrosion and rust removal
  • Mould and mildew remediation
  • Hard and soft surface cleaning
  • Graffiti removal from almost any surface