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HVAC & Indoor Air Quality Services

HVAC is short for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems cover everything from the air conditioner in your home or office to an extensive system used in hi-rise apartment building and industrial complexes.

Air conditioning maintenance and service is important is due to the fact there are health regulations which state the accepted level of the humidity and temperature for certain office, commercial and residential buildings. Steamatic is a proud member of National Air Duct Cleaners Association(NADCA) and Indoor Air Quality Association(IAQA) and all our work is completed as per NADCA & IAQA guidelines.

HVAC System Maintenance


Steamatic Australia provides HVAC and Essential Services Air Conditioning, Ventilation solutions for the Commercial and Industrial markets incorporating Service, Maintenance, Air Quality Testing and Compliance.

With over 30 offices across Australia and a team of over 300 experienced technicians to service and maintain any size and type of HVAC systems. We take full pride in our job with a motto to service our clients on budget and on time.


Air Duct Cleaning & Air Duct Sanitizing


Air duct cleaning is very important to ensure the air you are breathing is not making you sick and to avoid the development of ‘sick building’ syndrome. Whether its domestic or a commercial building, Steamatic has the most advanced technology to clean the most difficult areas. We use robotic equipment to thoroughly clean the entire ductwork the way it should be cleaned, doesn’t matter how small or large the size of your duct work.

Once the air ducts have been thoroughly cleaned, we fog the system with our special sanitising formulation that suppresses allergen development in the ducts, and is safe for the human respiratory system.

Panel & Disposable Filter Service


Whether you need panel filters or disposable filters like Carbons, Bag, HEPA, Hiflos, Fibreglass etc, Steamatic has all the products to cater for your needs. We only use filters that have the highest possible efficiency rate to ensure manufacturer’s requirements are met and your system is not compromised with substandard filters and that maximise your filtration system’s operating life.

Air Handling Units & Fan Coil Unit Cleaning


Steamatic specializes in Air Handling & Fan Coil Unit Cleaning services. Thorough cleaning of air handling units and fan coil units is an important part of HVAC restoration and indoor air quality. A clean air-handling unit will increase unit efficiency, prolong unit life, and prevent contamination from entering the indoor air. Steamatic uses proven cleaning techniques and products developed for each specific cleaning requirement.
When cleaning an air-handling unit, more than the coils should be addressed. All the internal components such as the fan and fan housing, fresh air intakes, dampers, supply and return sections, interior insulation, filters and filter housing and door gaskets and seals should be inspected and cleaned or repaired as required. Steamatic can provide these services and produce the following benefits for your enterprise.


  • Remove bio film from coils to eliminate health risks to occupants
  • Reduce contamination entering occupied spaces through duct systems
  • Increase HVAC system efficiency
  • Increased ability to heat and cool occupied spaces
  • Increase air flow
  • Prolong HVAC unit life

All our work is as per the National Air Duct Cleaners Association’s guidelines.

huge air conditioning unit, central heating and cooling system contro

Indoor Air Quality Services & Air Quality Testing.


The increasing level of office-based activity and the requirement to minimise energy usage is putting greater demands on building Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Buildings are now being constructed to reduce the infiltration of outside air through building leakage. The amount of fresh air introduced through the air conditioning system is also reduced. In addition, there is now recognition of the health effects associated with poor indoor air quality, passive smoking and the problems associated with odours and off-gassing from carpets and modern synthetic construction materials.

Associated with this, there has been an increase in the incidence of health complaints and problems reported by building occupants. In response to these problems, various standards, codes of practice and regulations have been developed in Australia to establish procedures for monitoring and maintaining commercial building environments.

Steamatic Air Quality Services offer a comprehensive building health management service to assist clients to effectively manage the indoor environment and ensure compliance with their legislative obligations. Our aim is to ensure that potential health risks associated with the building environment are suitably managed and comfort criteria optimised. This is achieved by consideration of the three principal aspects affecting air quality and comfort: Air Quality Testing, Building Ventilation Assessment and Cooling Tower Inspection. In addition to investigating air quality problems, we also specialise in proactive air quality management, providing regular inspection and assessment to ensure optimum air quality is maintained and any possible problems detected early.

State of the art technology and instrumentation is used to measure a broad range of air quality parameters in the building environment, including:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Airborne fungi / mould / bacteria
  • Formaldehyde
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Respirable dust (PM10)
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Sound Levels

Accurate analysis of key indoor air quality indicators allows informed decisions to be made regarding the building environment and ventilation systems.