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Injectidry Trial of a Residential Property in Perth

Perth’s architecture, characterised by double brick construction and internally rendered walls, poses unique challenges when it comes to water damage. The high porosity of brick and plaster walls, combined with the prevalence of moisture-trapping paint, demands innovative solutions for effective drying and restoration. In addressing such concerns, the Injectidry System emerges as a game-changer.

The Challenge:

Encountering a scenario where water saturation permeated from the top to the bottom of the ensuite and adjoining walk-in robe due to a leak, the standard approach of cutting out affected areas was impractical. The moisture-laden brick and plaster, compounded by the moisture barrier created by painted walls, presented a formidable challenge. Traditional drying methods involving air movers and dehumidifiers would have prolonged the process, leading to increased costs, time, and inconvenience for both the insured and insurer.

Injectidry Solution Provided:

Recognising the limitations of conventional drying methods, the application of the Injectidry System proved instrumental in overcoming the complexities of the situation. Instead of relying solely on air movement and dehumidification, a roller was employed to perforate the painted surface, breaking the vapour barrier and facilitating moisture release. Despite this step, the conventional drying process would have still taken two to three weeks.

Enter the Injectidry System with its negative vacuum technology. By creating a negative vacuum within the affected areas, the system effectively drew excessive moisture through all building materials. Regular measurements and a comprehensive moisture map documented the injectidry system’s efficacy throughout the drying project. Remarkably, in just four days, moisture levels were halved in some areas, returning the space to a pre-incident moisture content condition.

The Injectidry System not only addressed the specific challenges posed by Perth’s prevalent double brick construction and painted walls but also demonstrated efficiency by significantly reducing drying time and associated costs. The ability to create a tangible moisture map offered a real-time understanding of the system’s effectiveness, allowing for precise documentation and assurance. In the face of water damage complexities, Injectidry proves to be a transformative solution, ensuring a swift and cost-effective restoration process for both the insured and insurer.

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