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Restoration of a Heritage-Listed Tank by Steamatic Cairns

Mould contamination presents a significant challenge in preserving the integrity of heritage-listed properties, often necessitating specialised solutions to mitigate its impact. This was exemplified in a recent project where a tank within a heritage-listed site required remediation due to mould contamination.


Addressing mould contamination within a heritage-listed property poses several obstacles, particularly in adhering to preservation standards and navigating restricted work areas. In the case of this project, the need to maintain the site’s historical significance while effectively addressing the mould contamination presented a unique set of challenges. Additionally, the confined spaces and structural limitations within the tank further complicated the remediation process.

The Solution:

To overcome the challenges posed by mould contamination within the tank, our team collaborated closely with onsite supervisors to develop a tailored solution. Understanding the importance of preserving the site’s heritage, we meticulously devised a scope of work that targeted the mould and dust accumulation while strictly adhering to preservation guidelines and limitations.

By leveraging our expertise in mould remediation and restoration, we implemented a comprehensive approach that effectively addressed the contamination without compromising the integrity of the heritage site. Throughout the project, our team demonstrated professionalism and efficiency, completing the remediation process within a tight timeframe and budget.

Despite the complexities of working within a heritage-listed environment, our team successfully executed the project, ensuring the preservation of the site’s historical significance. This case underscores the importance of tailored solutions and meticulous planning when addressing mould contamination in culturally significant environments.

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