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Steamatic Townsville Restores Memorial Walls

Steamatic Townsville was tasked with restoring 24 concrete memorial walls and 2 plinths due to the deterioration of anti-graffiti paint. The site holds profound significance as a memorial to fallen soldiers, demanding the utmost respect and protection of its integrity, including plantings and plaques.


  1. Deteriorating Anti-Graffiti Paint: The primary challenge was the deterioration of anti-graffiti paint on the memorial walls and plinths, posing both aesthetic and structural risks if left unaddressed.
  2. Preservation of Site Integrity: Maintaining respect and protecting the site’s integrity, including plantings and plaques, was paramount, considering its significance as a memorial.
  3. Time Constraints: The restoration needed to be completed within a short timeframe, adding pressure to the project.

The Solution:

Steamatic Townsville developed a comprehensive solution to address the challenges effectively.

  1. Methodical Testing: Steamatic conducted thorough testing to determine the most suitable cleaning method for the restoration, ensuring the best outcome while preserving the site’s integrity.
  2. Pressure Wash: Specialised equipment was used for pressure washing to remove the deteriorating anti-graffiti paint, ensuring thorough cleaning with minimal risk of damage.
  3. Nylon Brush Agitation: Nylon brush agitation was employed alongside pressure washing to target stubborn stains and residue, enhancing the cleaning process.
  4. Respectful Execution: Throughout the restoration project, Steamatic Townsville prioritised respect for the site and its significance, conducting the work with care and sensitivity.


Despite the challenges posed by the deteriorating anti-graffiti paint and the need for timely completion, Steamatic Townsville successfully restored the 24 concrete memorial walls and 2 plinths. The project was completed within the requested timeframe, maintaining the site’s integrity and respect throughout the restoration process. The outcome affirmed Steamatic Townsvilles’ commitment to excellence in restoration services.

Anti-graffiti paint deterioration

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