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Heritage Preservation in Rochester: Reflecting on 2011’s Preservation of Century-Old Documents

In June 2011, Rochester, Victoria, faced a devastating flood that submerged historical treasures held by the Rochester Historical Society & Pioneer Society. This natural disaster left historical custodians grappling with the potential loss of invaluable documents and century-old photographs. Recognising the urgency of the situation, and due to the Historical Society relying on the public for funding, Steamatic decided to swiftly step in to offer their expertise in disaster recovery, at no cost, to preserve Rochester’s historical legacy.

The mission to salvage and restore submerged historical artifacts.

We transported all documents to our vacuum freeze dryer – the largest in the country. The freeze dryer played a crucial role in the restoration process, allowing our team to carefully and meticulously dry soaked documents and photographs without causing further damage. The low-temperature vacuum environment ensured that the items were dried gently, preserving not only their physical integrity but also the historical information contained within.

Committed to the communities we serve; We are proud to have played our part in preserving Rochester’s historical artifacts, safeguarding local cultural heritage for future generations.

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