Best practices for mould remediation

Extended exposure to high levels of moisture will lead to mould growing under coverings of floors, inside walls and in other areas where it is hard to reach. Some types of moulds aggravate damage to furnishings, destroy wood, and put the integrity of a structure at risk. If there is a quick response to mould

Steamatic Best Practices in Mould Remediation

Assignment of water damage project to Steamatic. Mould discovery while mitigating water-damaged area. Verification if the mould is event-driven or a pre-existing one. Communicate square meterage to the insurer affected by the mould and repair of the water source. Cease all work and ask for direction from the stakeholder/s (MIP’s) If the area is less

Water Damage: Causes, Signs and Solutions

Any kind of water damage however big or small can have a negative impact on your home or business. One of the most common problems in a building, water damage is often one of the most overlooked as well. Many homeowners, business owners, and tenants are guilty of seeing water leaking from the ceiling but