Steamatic: Expert Contents Restoration Services

Contents Restoration and Cleaning Services


After a disaster, you may think that the damage to your belongings is too severe to be restored. At Steamatic, we are committed to carefully and meticulously cleaning and restoring your contents that have been tested for restorability/non-restorability.

Whether you’ve suffered a damage from fire, smoke, mould, or water, Steamatic is here to provide a comprehensive and cost-effective contents cleaning and restoration solution.

Steamatic utilises state of the art technologies to carefully clean your affected items. With our many years of experience, knowledge and attention to detail, your valuables are in good hands. Onsite, Steamatic will undertake an inventory of every item that will be packed out from the structure and transported to our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility for processing. All non-restorable items will also be categorised and stored at our facility until authority is given for disposal.

Restoring contents can often be less expensive than replacement. Restoration also allows you to keep precious items such as family heirlooms or photos which cannot be replaced.

Soft items such as children’s toys, clothing, curtains and other textiles will require cleaning, sanitising and deodorising in order to remove the contamination.

Hard items such as plates, cutlery, electronics and furniture require deep cleaning using specialised equipment.

1. Assessment
A Steamatic Assessment Manager will meet with the Loss Adjuster on-site to assess the damage to contents and determine which items can be restored and which items will be unsalvageable. Our scope of work and timeline will be communicated to all involved parties.

2. Packout and Inventory
Contents that have been identified for restoration are inventoried by the room and location. Photographs are taken and items are carefully placed into new packing boxes and then transported to our facility for processing.

3. Processing
Once the items have arrived at our facility, they are re-inventoried and all contents are tagged and accounted for. Steamatic will then calculate a time and materials estimate for restoration works and supply this to the insurance company.

4. Storage
Steamatic stores all contents items together in a designated area of our warehouse to ensure they are secured and safe. They are separated into two categories: restorable and non-restorable. Our climate-controlled facility will ensure that all contents stay safe while either awaiting production or delivery back to the client.

5. Production
All restorable items are processed through a variety of our cleaning and restoration stations in order to receive the most specialised recovery. From cleaning/restoration of soft/hard goods, drying, odour removal, electronics restoration and dry cleaning. Upon completion of the restorative process, items remain in our secure facility until all structural repairs and reinstatement have been completed at the property.

6. Delivery/Move Back
Once the property is reinstated and ready for occupation, delivery and move back of contents takes place. It is basically the reverse of the pack-out process. As all items have been inventoried and photographed, they are replaced back to the specific location that they were removed from. Steamatic will dispose of all packing materials upon completion.

Our technicians are highly trained in contents restoration procedures and we can ensure cost saving solutions over full replacement, especially to your items that cannot be replaced. There are instances in which full replacement of contents items can sometimes can easily exceed the sum insured.

Restoring contents = less landfill, happy customers and saves the insurance companies money.