Steamatic: Expert Contents Restoration Services

Contents Restoration and Cleaning Services

Disasters happen, but at Steamatic, we’re here to restore your belongings, even when the damage seems irreversible. Our experts meticulously clean and restore your items, utilising advanced technologies for comprehensive solutions after fire & smoke damage, mould, and storm, flood or water (Escape of Liquid) damage.

Here’s what we offer:

  1. Assessment: Our Assessment Manager evaluates the damage and communicates the scope and timeline to all parties involved.
  2. Packout and Inventory: We carefully inventory and transport restorable items to our facility for processing.
  3. Processing: Items undergo specialised cleaning and restoration processes, with estimates provided to the insurance company before the commencement of work.
  4. Storage: Restorable and non-restorable items are stored securely in our warehouse.
  5. Delivery/Move Back: Once your property is ready, we deliver and replace items to their original locations.

Why choose us?

  • Cost-effective: Restoration is often cheaper than replacement, saving money and reducing landfill waste.
  • Expertise: Our technicians are highly trained in contents restoration procedures.
  • Peace of mind: Keep precious items like family heirlooms with our restoration services.

Restore belongings with ease! Contact Steamatic today for expert contents restoration and cleaning services.