Collaborative Disaster Strategy | Steamatic Global Recovery

Global Mitigation

When there are multiple stakeholders in a project, it can be difficult to manage the outcome. But when we recognise that our goals are the same, working together can make a big difference.

That’s what SGR’s disaster strategy is all about. We work collaboratively with all parties in a recovery project to ensure all needs are understood and that the best remediation technologies are deployed. Our workforce of field experts can provide accurate, upfront information to assist stakeholders to make informed recovery decisions, including: initial mitigation strategies, restoration vs replacement cost reports, project timeline management – GANTT charts, stock valuations, causation reports, salvage options and valuations and business interruption strategies.

SGR offers pre-event loss planning to insurance brokers and risk managers. Putting a plan in place before an event occurs, saves time and money and helps streamline the restoration process and minimise the business interruption. We also offer a pre-registration priority service for clients that have potential risks for loss in Australia, as well as, overseas. Contact us for more information on this premier service.