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Fire Damage Restoration

Steamatic has been providing fire damage restoration services to residential, commercial and industrial clients for over 30 years. With 38 locations throughout Australia, we’ve got you covered. Our highly trained technicians use the most advanced and innovative techniques to eradicate smoke residue, soot and lingering odours from fire affected properties and contents.

Fire and smoke damage to residential, commercial or industrial properties can be very stressful. From business interruption, loss of income and disruption to your life. We acknowledge the impact a fire can have on businesses, lives and families. Steamatic understands the urgency and need to get your property restored to a pre-loss condition and to get your business back up and running and your family life back to normal.

Steamatic’s Assessment Managers will prepare and manage the entire project to ensure all cleaning and restoration processes for structure and contents have been completed to a high standard.


Fires can cause significant damage to building materials and contents. Steamatic will complete a thorough inspection, testing and assessment. This process helps to determine the restorability of both structure and contents items.

Steamatic’s team of highly trained and experienced Assessment Managers and technicians can restore fire damaged property regardless of the size of the loss.


Our technicians are trained to restore internal and external surfaces that have been fire damage affected such as brickwork, flooring, walls, ceilings, windows and air conditioning and ventilation systems and ducting. We use specialised equipment and cleaning products to remove soot or odours caused by the fire or smoke damage.


Smoke residue from a fire can cause extensive damage to contents particularly clothing, paper, books, electronics, furniture, soft goods and carpets. If not dealt with quickly, permanent odour damage, staining and/or corrosion can occur. Steamatic restores contents at our state-of-the-art contents processing facilities across Australia.


When a fire occurs, strong odours will develop from chemicals being released from the materials burning within a structure. Strong odours are then trapped in porous building materials and contents. If not treated properly using advanced techniques and equipment, it could pose a health risk to those exposed. Steamatic will perform a detailed clean of the structure and contents and use the BioSweep system to eradicate any lingering odours. Our highly trained technicians follow the most advanced processes and specialised equipment to ensure your property is odour-free.

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