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Water Damage: Causes, Signs and Solutions

Any kind of water damage however big or small can have a negative impact on your home or business. One of the most common problems in a building, water damage is often one of the most overlooked as well. Many homeowners, business owners, and tenants are guilty of seeing water leaking from the ceiling but failing to take action until it escalates into a problem that may no longer have a quick fix. In this article, we will be exploring the most common kinds of water damage and the ways in which they can be restored and rectified.

Damp floor

Causes: The causes that contribute to damp floors include everything from blocked vents, to improper subfloor ventilation and accumulation of water below the house.

Signs: Signs of damp floors include a musty smell, timber decay, and mould growth. By taking action as soon as you notice any of these signs, you can rectify the problem with minimum output and expenditure.

Solution: Unblock any vents, clear your subfloor of rubbish and dried leaves and check the gutters to ensure there is no accumulation of water under your house. If the problem persists, seek assistance from the team of experts at Steamatic to help check the moisture level in your home and if water damage restoration services might be required.

Water leaking from ceiling

Causes: Various causes can lead to roof leaks. The most predominant among them is lack of roof maintenance, corrosion in metals due to the use of different metals on the roof, and poorly installed or punctured sparking under the roof.

<strong犀利士 >Signs: The earliest signs of water leaking from the ceiling include water stains on the walls or ceiling, followed by puddles or mould growth on the floor. While it can be tempting to ignore the situation, doing so means the water can easily come into contact with your electrical wiring and cause a short circuit or electrical fire.</strong

Solution: Find out the source of the leak as soon as you notice it to avoid any dangerous repercussions. If necessary, call in a team of professionals, such as the experts at Steamatic, who are experienced at dealing with water damage restoration work, and will address any issues you have immediately.

A leak in flexible hoses

Causes: Flexible hoses are plastic tubes that are encompassed by stainless steel braid. They are most commonly found under your sink in either the kitchen or bathroom or as a water connection to your toilet’s cistern. They generally burst or puncture due to damage during installation or suffer wear and tear due to excessive or ongoing manipulation.

Signs: The first signs include dampness in the area below the sink or water flowing from outside the pipes and onto the floor.

Solution: When you notice a leak, cut off the water supply immediately. The best way to avoid this sort of water damage is to ensure regular checks of pipes and hoses under the sink and to avoid storing products under the sink that can have a negative effect on the plumbing.

Blocked drain

Causes: Drains can get blocked due to a variety of reasons including tree roots, baby wipes, kitchen towels, nappies, and others.

Signs: The earliest signs of this kind of blockage can include the pooling of water in the drain. If left unattended, this can create major havoc during heavy rainfall.

Solution: Find out the source of the blockage and get it cleared as soon as you can. If you’re not able to do it yourself, call a plumber to get the drain unblocked immediately, and do not use your toilets or sinks until the problem has been rectified.

If you’re searching for expert solutions for water damage around the home get in touch with Steamatic today, whose team of professionals will be able to give you expert advice and assistance.