Cyclone Jasper Damage | What to Do If Your Property is Affected

Steamatic’s Category 5 Emergency Response: What if my property is damaged during Cyclone Jasper?

As Cyclone Jasper intensifies in the Solomon Sea, the looming threat of a direct hit on Queensland has authorities on high alert. In times of such crises, the importance of organisations that specialise in disaster recovery and restoration services becomes crucial. Steamatic stands out for its Category 5 emergency response capability, showcasing a commitment to readiness and preparedness.

What to do once Cyclone Jasper has passed?

Before venturing out, confirm that it is safe to do so. Be cautious of downed power lines, flooded areas, and unstable structures. Follow local authorities’ guidance on when it is safe to return to your property. Safety should be the top priority in the aftermath of a cyclone. If in doubt about the condition of your property or the safety of any actions you are considering, seek professional advice and guidance.

Once Cyclone Jasper has passed and you have confirmed it is safe to do so, property owners should follow a systematic approach to assess and address any damage incurred during the storm.

Steamatic’s Category 5 Emergency Response: What we can do to help?

With Steamatic’s Category 5 Emergency Plan in place, insurers and property owners, can feel confident we will respond to the influx of restoration work. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment, training, and resources to ensure a rapid and efficient response to emergencies of any scale.

From project managers to field technicians, each member of the Steamatic emergency response team is highly qualified with the knowledge necessary to navigate complex and challenging disaster scenarios.

Steamatic has invested in advanced equipment, such as water extraction systems, industrial-strength dehumidifiers, and specialised cleaning tools, to address a wide range of disaster-related issues promptly.

If you need emergency restoration post Cyclone Jasper, call our 24/7 emergency response centre on 1300 783 262.




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