Steamatic Perth Restores Properties damaged by Polybutylene Pipe Failures

Steamatic Perth Leading Efforts to Restore New Build Properties Affected by Polybutylene Plumbing Failures

In response to plumbing failures wreaking havoc in newly constructed homes across Perth, Steamatic has been diligently restoring properties to their pre-event condition. With a surge in incidents primarily attributed to polybutylene piping issues, countless homeowners find themselves grappling with the aftermath of burst pipes, flooding, and extensive property damage. Recognising the urgent need for action, Steamatic has been working tirelessly alongside insurers, swiftly mobilising our team of skilled professionals to provide comprehensive water damage restoration services.

Utilising cutting-edge technology and industry-leading techniques, we are dedicated to bringing affected properties back to their original state. From water extraction and drying to mould remediation, we leave no stone unturned in our mission to restore homes and provide much-needed relief to distressed homeowners.

One of the key strengths of Steamatic’s approach lies in its collaboration with insurers. By working closely with insurance partners, Steamatic ensures a seamless and hassle-free restoration process for homeowners. Through streamlined reporting and efficient coordination, we navigate the complexities of insurance claims, alleviating the burden on homeowners and facilitate a smooth restoration journey.

“We understand the immense stress and uncertainty that homeowners face in the aftermath of plumbing failures,” says Jeff Linn, Area Manager – West. “Our priority is to provide prompt and professional restoration services, working hand in hand with insurers to deliver peace of mind and expedite the recovery process for affected homeowners.”

As authorities continue their investigations into the root cause of the plumbing failures, Steamatic remains at the forefront, offering unwavering support and expertise to homeowners in need.

If you require water extraction or water damage restoration Call Steamatic on 1300 783 262.

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