A Luxury Resort's Bushfire Recovery | Steamatic Global Recovery

Rapid Bushfire Recovery for Luxury Resort by Steamatic Global Recovery

In the aftermath of the devastating bushfires that swept through the East Coast of Australia during the summer of 2019/20, a prestigious luxury resort faced significant challenges. While the structures remained intact, the encroaching fire left visible imprints on numerous buildings, disrupting operations during the peak season.

To expedite the reopening process and restore the resort to its pre-disaster state, the management swiftly engaged Steamatic Global Recovery (SGR) as their recovery partner.

The Challenge:

Upon arrival, remnants of the fire were still evident, with smoldering trees and the lingering scent of smoke in the air.

Solution Provided: 

SGR, with a dedicated team of over 40 staff on site, immediately prioritised the restoration process. The first focus was on the staff quarters, ensuring a quick return for the resort’s personnel. The collaborative efforts extended across the entire resort, with systematic cleaning synchronised with the gradual return of the staff to work.

Additionally, SGR orchestrated the involvement of other subcontractors to tackle the clearance of hazardous trees and the decontamination of the roofs on the main resort buildings.

Through strategic planning and collaborative efforts, the luxury resort successfully overcame the challenges posed by the bushfires, with SGR playing a pivotal role in the comprehensive bushfire recovery process.

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