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Major Fruit Juice Producer

The Challenge:

A fire occurred in the juice pressing area of the largest national citrus juice manufacturer in the Country. Thermal damage was restricted to the immediate fire scene but resultant smoke and water damage throughout the facility affected all production areas, offices and laboratories.

Fruit season was ten weeks after the fire and the facility had to not only be fully functional, but also, pass the national hygiene standards in time to process $AUD22 million dollars of fresh fruit.

Solution Provided: 

The Steamatic Project Team established to respond to the remote location of the facility, prepared detailed recovery recommendations,

identified key areas of priority and commenced recovery operations immediately on a ‘do and charge’ basis.

Works included:

  • full stainless steel decontamination and restoration
  • production line recovery utilising dry ice blasting and manual labour
  • laboratory decontamination, including the decontamination of all test equipment
  • independent recalibration, as well as office recovery


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