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Dealing with a Burst Kitchen Pipe: Salvaging Hardwood Flooring with Steamatic’s Advanced Drying Techniques

A burst kitchen pipe on the Sunshine Coast resulted in significant water leakage, putting the hardwood flooring at risk. The potential outcome? Irreparable damage leading to the disposal of the flooring in landfill. Enter Steamatic Australia and our advanced drying techniques. Our experts intervened to rescue the hardwood flooring.

The Challenge:

Drying a particleboard sub-floor beneath hardwood flooring poses a unique challenge when kitchen cabinetry is already installed. The top-down drying process is hindered by the presence of cabinetry and the cool temperatures beneath the house.

The Solution:

Our expert technicians addressed this challenge by implementing a strategic solution. Containment was installed underneath the house to create a dedicated drying chamber, allowing targeted drying of the particleboard subfloor directly beneath the existing hardwood flooring. To enhance the drying process, specialised heat drying equipment was strategically positioned under the house. This equipment facilitated the introduction of hot, dry air into the drying chamber, while simultaneously extracting wet air. Additionally, heat was applied from above to the hardwood floor.

The Result:

We successfully dried the subfloor and the hardwood flooring, all while keeping the kitchen cabinetry in place throughout the entire process.

Choose Steamatic Australia for expert intervention when faced with burst pipe emergencies and trust our advanced drying techniques to salvage and restore your valuable hardwood flooring.











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