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Residential Mould Remediation – Gold Coast

The Challenge:

An ongoing and undetected leak from a dishwasher caused water to travel underneath and behind kitchen cabinetry for an extended period of time. Due to the fact that the policy holder was unaware that this was occurring, microbial growth spread throughout the kitchen requiring a full mould remediation.

Solution Provided:

As a full remediation was required, the entire kitchen needed to be placed under containment to avoid any cross contamination to other areas in the structure. All of the kitchen cabinetry and affected drywall was removed and the structure was decontaminated and sanitized. Because the leak had been ongoing for quite some time, the concrete sub-flooring required extensive drying. This required the insured to be temporarily displaced and instead of moving to temporary accommodation, the policy holder chose to camp out in their back yard.

Steamatic were in constant communication with the builder assigned to the claim to afford a seamless handover for the reinstatement to begin on completion of the mould remediation.


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