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Residential Mould Remediation on the Gold Coast

In residential properties, undetected leaks can lead to extensive damage and costly repairs. This case study examines a situation where an unnoticed dishwasher leak resulted in significant water damage and mould growth, necessitating comprehensive remediation efforts.

The Challenge

An undetected dishwasher leak allowed water to seep underneath and behind the kitchen cabinetry for an extended period. Unaware of the issue, the policyholder faced widespread microbial growth throughout the kitchen, necessitating a full mould remediation. The extent of the damage posed several challenges, including the need for containment, thorough decontamination, and significant drying of the concrete sub-flooring.

The Solution

To address the extensive mould contamination, the entire kitchen was placed under containment to prevent cross-contamination to other parts of the house. All affected cabinetry and plasterboard were removed. The structure was meticulously decontaminated and sanitised to eliminate any microbial presence. Given the prolonged nature of the leak, the concrete sub-flooring required extensive drying.

During this process, the policyholder opted to camp in their backyard rather than move to temporary accommodation. Steamatic Gold Coast maintained constant communication with the builder assigned to the claim, ensuring a seamless handover for the reinstatement phase to commence immediately after the mould remediation was completed.

The Outcome

The meticulous remediation process successfully eradicated the mould and decontaminated the affected areas. The policyholder was able to move back into their home with the assurance that their kitchen was safe and fully restored. The close collaboration between Steamatic Gold Coast and the builder facilitated a smooth transition to the reinstatement phase, minimising disruption for the policyholder. This case underscores the importance of prompt and thorough remediation efforts in mitigating long-term damage and ensuring a safe living environment.


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