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Historical Document Restoration: Steamatic Australia’s Expertise in Water Damage Recovery

In a critical incident, a State Government department faced substantial water damage in a storage facility housing crucial historical documents. Fortunately, Steamatic Australia, renowned as the leading restoration company in Australia and New Zealand, swiftly intervened with cutting-edge technologies designed to rescue and preserve historical artifacts.

Among the damaged items were original paper documents, maps, and plans detailing subdivisions of towns and areas within the state. These valuable records had unfortunately adhered to rusty draughtsman drawers in which they were stored.

Initially presumed beyond salvage, Steamatic’s expertise proved invaluable to government officials. They presented a comprehensive proposal and a viable option to restore the documents, instilling hope in the face of potential irreparable damage.

Steamatic meticulously cataloged all documents, ethically disposing of the rusty metal drawers in the process. Subsequently, the documents were transported to Steamatic’s state-of-the-art vacuum freeze-drying facility in Melbourne. Here, the paper, linen, and laminated documents were stabilised to prevent further deterioration until Steamatic could construct a specialised chamber for in-situ Vacuum Freeze Drying of the contents.

The success story unfolded as Steamatic adeptly employed the only vacuum freeze-dryer in the southern hemisphere, ensuring the recovery of all contents with minimal damage—only slight water marks on the some of the papers remained. This meticulous approach not only saved the historical documents but also preserved approximately 10,000 invaluable pieces of our shared history.

Explore how Steamatic Australia’s commitment to advanced restoration technologies and ethical practices played a pivotal role in safeguarding and restoring these vital historical records.

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