Medical Centre Water Damage in Brimbank, Victoria

Medical Centre Water Damage in Brimbank, Victoria

A medical centre had its main water pipe burst in their utility room, which blew a hole in the wall lining causing over 1,000 sqm of water damage.

The Challenge:

Upon inspection, we discovered that the internal walls were constructed with steel frames, and unfortunately, all insulation had sustained damage.

A critical concern arose regarding the need to expedite the drying process for the wet materials to prevent the initiation of mould growth.

Complicating matters, the business functioned seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm, necessitating that all remediation efforts be carried out outside of these operational hours. This posed a significant hurdle, especially given the imperative for demolition works to address the compromised plaster wall linings. Overcoming this challenge demanded a strategic and efficient approach to ensure minimal disruption to the business while effectively tackling the necessary reconstruction tasks.

Solution Provided: 

Our dedicated efforts were executed during non-business hours, ensuring the seamless restoration of the property without any adverse effects on business operations or additional expenses to the BI claim.

Our comprehensive services encompassed a spectrum of tasks, beginning with efficient water extraction and meticulous moisture mapping. We further addressed electrical safety concerns through a thorough make-safe process and conducted extensive plaster removal across the entire property. To mitigate potential issues, we removed saturated insulation and expertly installed, monitored, and removed drying equipment each night.

Our commitment extended to relaying carpet tiles, ensuring a pristine finish, and conducting thorough cleaning upon reinstallation. Subsequent to these meticulous procedures, a certified hygienist conducted a rigorous Post Remediation Verification (PRV), confirming the success of our intervention. All previously damp materials were impeccably dry, entirely free of mould, and all areas were left in a state of cleanliness, devoid of dust and debris.

Our holistic approach guaranteed not only a visually impeccable result but also a hygienically safe and thoroughly restored environment.






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