Townsville Residential Residual Methamphetamine Remediation

Steamatic Townsville Residential Property Residual Methamphetamine Remediation

When a tenanted property in Townsville was vacated, the owner discovered it in a state of disarray. Drug use paraphernalia found on site indicated possible methamphetamine use. An insurance claim was filed for malicious damage under the landlord’s policy. A Loss Adjuster was appointed, and the case was assigned to Steamatic Townsville.

We engaged an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) to conduct tests, which confirmed methamphetamine contamination with levels as high as 43 µg/100 cm² across 18 tested swabs. The Queensland Government guidelines recommend remediation for any levels above 0.5 µg/100 cm².

The Challenges

  • High Levels of Contamination: Methamphetamine residue levels significantly exceeded the recommended threshold, necessitating thorough and effective remediation.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: Traditional methods of methamphetamine residue removal are often time-consuming and expensive, posing a challenge for both the insurer and the property owner.
  • Collaboration and Verification: Coordination among various professionals including builders, electricians, and environmental experts was essential to ensure the property was safely restored to a habitable condition.

The Solution

Steamatic Townsville proposed a proprietary solution specifically designed to neutralise methamphetamine residues efficiently and cost-effectively. The approach involved:

  1. Collaboration: Working closely with an appointed builder, electrician, and an Indoor Environmental Professional to ensure comprehensive remediation and safety.
  2. Fast-Track Remediation: The entire structure was remediated within three days, significantly faster than traditional methods.
  3. Post-Remediation Verification: Third-party testing by an IEP post-remediation confirmed all 19 swabs had residue levels below 0.02 µg/100 cm², well within safe limits.

The Outcome

The swift and efficient remediation process resulted in a property that was quickly restored to a safe, habitable state. Both the assessor and the homeowner were highly satisfied with the outcome, noting the process was both time-effective and economical. This case demonstrates Steamatic Townsville’s capability to handle high-contamination scenarios effectively, providing peace of mind to property owners and insurers alike.

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