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Methamphetamine Residue Remediation




When a tenanted property was vacated the owner found the property in a state of disarray and due to the drug use paraphernalia on site, suspected drug use was evident.

An insurance claim was lodged for malicious damage under the landlord’s policy.

A Loss Adjuster was appointed and allocated the loss to Steamatic Townsville. We engaged an indoor Environmental Professional who confirmed positive results. This confirmed levels as high as 43ug/100cm2 across 18 tested swabs (Queensland Government guidelines recommend remediation for any levels of 0.5ug/100cm2 or above).


The Solution

Previously, methamphetamine residue removal has proven to be time consuming and therefore costly to Insurers. The Assessor on this job was looking for a cost effective and timely remediation. Steamatic proposed a proprietary solution that is specifically designed to neutralize methamphetamine residues.

We worked in collaboration with an appointed builder, electrician and Indoor Environmental Professional for third party Post Remedial Verification in order to return the dwelling to a habitable state.

Remediation of the entire structure was completed within three days. Post remediation testing by a third party achieved results on all 19 swabs under 0.02ug/100cm2.

The assessor and home owner were very pleased with the fast, efficient and economical remediation.

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