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Mould Project – Bendigo


Extensive mould growth was identified on the roof joists throughout a ceiling space of a three month old domestic property.

Initial inspection suggested the mould may have been as a result of a stack effect. Further testing confirmed that a high level of humidity was being generated from the shower extraction fans that exhausted into the ceiling cavity.

Through experimentation, an indoor environmental professional was able to demonstrate that the relative humidity (RH) increased in the ceiling space by up to 20% within minutes of the showers running, causing the resultant damage.

The mould growth was concentrated on the top of the timber joists just beneath the foilsisalation and metal roof where the dew point would be reached, and condensate present on the timer surfaces.

The Solution

• Timber joists to undergo a combination of HEPA vacuuming, wire brushing, sanding and treatment with an antimicrobial.
• To avoid cross-contamination of the conditioned living space works were performed from the roof by removing roof sheets.
• An indoor environmental professional was engaged. This included pre and post assessments performed to determine the extent of the issue and the remediation scope of works.
• The project was performed in accordance with IICRC S520 guidelines.
• All penetrations / fans etc. in the ceiling to the property were covered.
• A scaffold was erected around the perimeter of the property, the roof sheets removed and washed, sisalation removed, insulation removed, joists HEPA vacuumed, wire brushed and treated with antimicrobial.
• The entire ceiling space was vacuumed

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