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Unexpected: Hail Damage Leads to Multifaceted Restoration at a Residential Property in Malvern East, Victoria.

In a series of unforeseen events, Steamatic was called to a job in Malvern East following a severe hailstorm that caused water ingress and extensive damage to a residential property. What initially seemed like a straightforward restoration job quickly evolved into a complex and multifaceted process.

Here is what unfolded:

  • Hail damage led to water ingress, necessitating restoration.
  • On detail inspection spore growth beneath the property was identified due to sewage contamination from tree roots.
  • In a stroke of bad luck, the displaced family’s temporary property in Toorak flooded, requiring additional restoration and displacement.
  • We found additional minor leaking from the shower and bathroom which necessitated further restoration to ensure complete coverage.


The Challenges:

  • Hidden Structural Issues: Upon closer inspection, we uncovered spores underneath the property, originating from a sewage outlet leak caused by encroaching trees. This discovery led to a separate claim and additional restoration work.
  • Secondary Damage: Beyond the initial storm and sewage damage, our team identified minor leaks in the shower and bathroom, necessitating further attention to prevent escalation.
  • Client Displacement: Due to the extensive restoration process, the insured family was relocated to a property in Toorak. However, this temporary solution was short-lived, as the Toorak property also suffered significant flood damage, compounding the challenges faced by the family and necessitating the need for contents restoration of all their belongings.


The Solution:

  • Collaborative Assessment: Working alongside specialists, we conducted a comprehensive assessment to identify all sources of damage and develop a detailed restoration plan that accounted for both the primary and secondary issues.
  • Transparent Communication: Throughout the process, we maintained open channels of communication with the insured family, ensuring they were kept informed and involved in decision-making despite the logistical complexities.
  • Adaptive Remediation Strategies: Our team implemented innovative techniques, such as critical containment barriers and HEPA filtration devices, to effectively manage mould spread and mitigate health risks in both properties.
  • Holistic Restoration Approach: In addition to addressing storm and sewage damage, we took proactive measures to remediate the flood damage in the Toorak property, ensuring that both residences were restored to their pre-event condition.


The Outcome:

Despite the challenges presented by multiple sources of damage, our meticulous approach resulted in the successful restoration of both properties, free from mould and other contaminants. When flood damage struck the Toorak property, our team promptly responded to recover and restore the insured family’s belongings, minimising further disruption and distress.  After a period of displacement and separation due to restoration works, we were able to reunite the family and return them to their fully restored home in Malvern East.

The Project stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Despite the complexity of the situation, our team rose to the challenge, delivering exceptional results through strategic planning, innovative solutions, and a steadfast dedication to restoring not just the properties, but also the well-being of the insured family.

Mould in roof cavity

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