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Mackay Commercial Kitchen Clean Unveiled

Responding to a request, we took on the task of deep cleaning and applying an anti-slip solution to the tiles of a commercial kitchen in Mackay. It is vital not only for ensuring the cleanliness of the kitchen surfaces but also for addressing the specific safety concerns associated with commercial kitchen environments.

The Challenge:

The task at hand posed a unique challenge: all work had to be executed exclusively during nighttime hours. Complicating matters further, the cleaning process necessitated the careful maneuvering of various pieces of equipment to reach and address specific areas.

Solution Provided:

A strategic plan coordinated with the client enabled the execution of the commercial kitchen clean during nighttime hours. To facilitate the maneuvering of equipment, Steamatic conducted the works in sections, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

The cleaning procedure involved the application of a specialised tile and grout cleaner, followed by the meticulous scrubbing of the tiles using a powered rotary scrubber. To achieve optimal cleanliness, flush cleaning via hot water extraction was then implemented. Responding to the client’s specific request, an anti-slip solution was expertly applied, adding an extra layer of safety to the commercial kitchen environment. This comprehensive approach not only met the client’s requirements but also ensured the restoration of a hygienic and secure space.


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