Steamatic's Volume Desiccant Drying Restores High-Rise Development

Steamatic Uses High Volume Desiccant Drying to Restore High Rise Development

Steamatic, a leading provider of restoration and cleaning services, was called upon to respond to a significant emergency at a nearly completed inner-city high-rise development. The incident involved a burst hot water pipe on level 9 that went unnoticed for three days, causing extensive water damage to 13 apartments and multiple lower levels. Steamatic’s expertise was critical in mitigating the damage, drying the structure, and ensuring the building was restored to a safe and habitable condition.

The Challenges:

The incident presented several challenges that required immediate and expert intervention:

  1. Extensive Water Damage:
    • The burst hot water pipe caused severe flooding across 13 apartments on level 9 and all lower levels of the building.
    • Water had been running for three days, saturating floors, walls, and ceilings, and causing potential structural damage.
  2. Large Area of Impact:
    • The affected area covered approximately 3500 square meters, requiring a large-scale drying and remediation effort.
  3. Risk of Mould Growth:
    • Given the duration of the water exposure, there was a high risk of mould development, which could pose health risks.
  4. Timely Completion:
    • The building was nearly ready for handover, making it imperative to complete the restoration promptly to avoid delays in occupancy.

The Solution:

Steamatic deployed a comprehensive and systematic approach to address the emergency:

  1. Immediate Mitigation:
    • Upon arrival, Steamatic’s team swiftly assessed the extent of the damage and began immediate mitigation efforts to stop the water flow and prevent further damage.
  2. High-Volume Desiccant Dehumidification:
    • To dry the structure and fittings effectively, Steamatic utilised external high-volume desiccant dehumidifiers.
    • These dehumidifiers were ducted into the building on all levels, covering the entire affected area of approximately 3500 square meters.
  3. Mould Remediation:
    • After the drying process was completed, Steamatic performed thorough mould remediation to ensure the environment was safe and free of contaminants.
    • An independent source provided clearance upon the completion of the mould remediation, ensuring unbiased validation of the restoration work.

The Outcome:

Steamatic’s swift and effective response resulted in several positive outcomes:

  1. Successful Mitigation and Drying:
    • The comprehensive drying strategy prevented further structural damage and prepared the building for subsequent restoration work.
  2. Effective Mould Remediation:
    • The mould remediation efforts ensured the apartments and common areas were safe and habitable, eliminating health risks associated with mould exposure.
  3. Timely Restoration:
    • Despite the extensive damage, Steamatic’s efficient handling of the situation allowed the project to proceed without significant delays, enabling the building to be handed over as planned.
  4. Client Satisfaction:
    • The building developer was highly satisfied with Steamatic’s professionalism, expertise, and ability to manage such a significant emergency effectively. This response reinforced Steamatic’s reputation as a reliable partner in emergency restoration and mitigation.

Steamatic’s prompt and professional response to the high-rise development emergency exemplifies their capability to handle large-scale disasters efficiently. Their use of advanced drying technology and thorough remediation processes ensured the safety and integrity of the building, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in restoration services.

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