Comprehensive Mould and Meth Remediation on the Gold Coast

Comprehensive Mould and Meth Remediation by Steamatic Gold Coast

In response to water damage resulting from leaking fire sprinklers in two residential units, Steamatic, a trusted provider of remediation services on the Gold Coast, was engaged to address the aftermath. The affected areas primarily encompassed the common hallways.

The Challenge:

Gaining access posed a challenge initially due to the aggressive behaviour of the occupants. After the removal of the occupants, access was finally granted six weeks later. Upon investigation, Steamatic identified a more complex issue — Methamphetamine contamination. The need for thorough testing became evident, and the results were affirmative. This discovery added an extra layer of complexity to the remediation process.

The Expert Solution:

Recognising the dual challenge of both Methamphetamine and Mould contamination, Steamatic Gold Coast devised a comprehensive Scope of Works. This plan included specialised Methamphetamine and Mould remediation techniques. Steamatic’s expertise in addressing multifaceted challenges underscores our commitment to providing thorough and effective remediation services, ensuring the restoration of a safe and healthy living environment for our clients. On completion of the work, third-party laboratory testing confirmed clearance on the property.

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