Steamatic Completed Mould Remediation Following Storm Damage.

Steamatic Gold Coast Completed Mould Remediation Following Storm Damage to a Double-Story Property

Steamatic Gold Coast completed mould remediation following storm damage to a double-story property. The project addressed the extensive mould damage caused by water ingress from the storm.

The Challenge:

A severe storm caused water to enter through the upstairs windows of a double-story entryway void, leading to significant mould damage. Further to this, the initial borescope inspection revealed mould presence throughout the entire external wall cavity of the double-story structure. The mould extended up to the skylight window on the second level, affecting both the structure and contents items. To remediate the mould, scaffolding and creative containment strategies were required to ensure maximum safety for the technicians accessing the affected areas.

The Solution:

Steamatic Gold Coast implemented a comprehensive mould remediation plan. The team set up extensive containment measures to prevent the spread of mould spores during the remediation process. Scaffolding was erected to safely reach the mould-affected areas on the second level skylight. Technicians meticulously cleaned and treated all affected surfaces, ensuring thorough mould removal. Following the remediation, rigorous testing was conducted to verify the absence of mould, confirming the property was ready for building reinstatement works.

The Outcome:

The mould remediation project was successfully completed, with all affected areas thoroughly treated and cleared of mould. The testing results confirmed that the property was safe and ready for the next phase of restoration. Steamatic Gold Coast’s efficient and safe remediation process ensured the property could be restored to its pre-event condition without further delay.


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