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Swift and Reliable Category 3 Water Damage Recovery for Childcare Centers in Regional Victoria

Category 3 water damage struck multiple playrooms at a prominent childcare center in regional Victoria. After initial mitigation efforts over a weekend, comprehensive recommendations for remediation were proposed, including a meticulous strip-out of skirting boards and plaster wall linings up to 600mm, followed by a low-pressure flood wash, sanitisation, and structural drying.

The Challenge:

The childcare center faced a significant challenge as it couldn’t afford to close its doors and required swift remediation over the festive season. A Post Remediation Verification (PRV) was mandatory before reopening, adding complexity to the situation.

The Solution:

In collaboration with the center’s management, the loss adjuster, and a hygienist, alternative solutions were explored to meet everyone’s needs. Taking advantage of a 10-day shutdown during the Christmas and New Year period, Steamatic efficiently completed the remediation works in adherence to industry standards.


Steamatic undertook the remediation process, ensuring a thorough and effective cleanup.

Post-remediation, an independent hygienist conducted a PRV inspection, validating the success of the undertaken measures. To enable the center to open safely as scheduled, Steamatic additionally installed temporary wall linings, allowing for the utilisation of affected rooms before more permanent repairs could be scheduled.


Why Choose Steamatic for Childcare Water Damage Recovery in Regional Victoria:

When unexpected challenges like Category 3 water damage strike Victorian businesses, Steamatic emerges as the local beacon of trust for efficient recovery. With deep roots in the community, we assure a prompt return to normalcy, minimising disruptions and safeguarding the integrity of your business environment.

Key Benefits of Choosing Steamatic:

  1. Swift Action:
    • Our prompt response ensures that the recovery process begins without delay, mitigating potential long-term damage.
  2. Expert Coordination:
    • We work seamlessly with business owners to coordinate restoration efforts, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.
  3. Cutting-Edge Technology:
    • Our use of advanced drying equipment reflects our commitment to minimising damage and expediting the restoration timeline.
  4. Independent Verification:
    • The engagement of third-party hygienists for PRV testing underscores our dedication to ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and safety in the reinstatement process.

In the face of unexpected challenges, Steamatic stands as a reliable partner, offering not just restoration services but a commitment to the well-being and resilience of your business. Trust us for swift, efficient, and reliable Category 3 water damage recovery in regional Victoria.

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