Cairns Rumpus Room Fire Restoration

Steamatic Cairns Restored a Rumpus Room After Fire

After a devastating fire, Steamatic Cairns took on the mighty restoration task. The fire began in the rumpus room of a residential property, causing extensive damage. Soot and smoke spread throughout the entire house, including the ceiling cavity.

The Challenges

The fire in the rumpus room presented several significant challenges:

  • Extensive Fire Damage: The fire destroyed the rumpus room’s structure and contents.
  • Soot and Smoke Penetration: Soot and smoke affected walls, ceilings, and the ceiling cavity throughout the property.
  • Occupancy During Restoration: Tenants needed to stay in the property during the restoration, requiring careful coordination to minimise disruption.

The Solution:

Steamatic Cairns implemented a comprehensive restoration approach to address these challenges:

  • Tenant Coordination: We developed a detailed plan with the tenants to move contents as needed. This ensured their safety and comfort while allowing them to stay in the property during the restoration.
  • Thorough Cleaning Process: Steamatic performed extensive cleaning of the entire property, both inside and outside:
    • Full Internal Clean: We meticulously cleaned every room and surface to remove soot and smoke residues.
    • External Clean: We cleaned the exterior to eliminate any smoke damage.
    • Ceiling Cavity Cleaning: We gave special attention to cleaning the ceiling cavity, ensuring no lingering soot or smoke could affect air quality or cause future issues.

The Outcome:

The restoration efforts produced outstanding results:

  • Restored Rumpus Room: We fully restored the rumpus room to its pre-fire condition, rebuilding all structural elements and cleaning all surfaces.
  • Clean and Safe Environment: We thoroughly cleaned the entire property, including hard-to-reach areas like the ceiling cavity, ensuring a safe and habitable environment for the tenants.
  • Minimal Disruption: By coordinating closely with the tenants, we carried out the restoration work efficiently, allowing them to remain in their home with minimal inconvenience.

The fire in the rumpus room of this residential property posed significant challenges. Through careful planning and comprehensive cleaning by Steamatic Cairns, we successfully restored the property. The tenants stayed in their home throughout the process, and the rumpus room and the entire house were returned to a clean, safe, and habitable state.

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of strategic planning and thorough cleaning in overcoming fire damage restoration challenges, ultimately leading to the successful restoration of the rumpus room and the entire property.

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