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Church Mould Remediation: Overcoming Long-Term Mould Damage in a Melbourne Church

Our expert team were deployed to tackled long-term mould damage beneath a stage in a Melbourne church.  We implemented a meticulous containment strategy and post-remedial verification for a seamless and secure remediation process.

The Challenge:

Our team faced a significant challenge when confronted with long-term mould damage beneath the stage of a sizable church in Melbourne. The extensive deterioration of the timber framing necessitated a comprehensive solution, leading to the decision to opt for a replacement by our skilled builders. The primary objective was to execute the removal of the stage with meticulous precision, minimising any potential cross-contamination to the unaffected areas within the expansive church.

Our Solution:

In response to this complex issue, we implemented a plan to ensure effective mould remediation without compromising the integrity of the surrounding areas. Our strategy involved the construction of a specialised containment chamber equipped with direct access to the outdoors, utilising high-quality timber framing and polyethylene sheeting.

Throughout the removal process, the designated area remained under negative pressure, effectively containing any potential contaminants. This meticulous approach not only ensured the safety of the remediation team but also safeguarded the rest of the church from any unintended consequences.

Upon completion of the strip-out and remediation, an independent third party conducted a thorough Post-Remedial Verification (PRV). This crucial step provided an additional layer of assurance that the mould remediation was not only executed effectively but also met the highest industry standards.

Looking ahead, the builders responsible for reinstating the stage will benefit from the already established containment chamber. This multifunctional space will serve as a controlled environment for dust control during their construction work, offering an additional layer of protection for the church’s premises.

Our commitment to precision, safety, and comprehensive solutions ensures the successful resolution of mould-related challenges, providing peace of mind for our clients and stakeholders.

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