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Restoring a Residential Property Used Illegally as a Marijuana Grow House

After a rented residential property was illegally converted into a marijuana grow house we were contacted to restore the residential property.  The illicit operation left the property severely damaged and contaminated. Initial assessment revealed extensive mould growth, water damage, and structural concerns throughout the premises due to the intensive cultivation activities carried out by the tenants.

The Challenge

On the initial attendance, it became evident that every room in the rented property had been utilised for marijuana cultivation. The premises housed over 300 plants, with evidence of a completed harvest.

The scale of the operation left behind hundreds of kilograms of wet soil, chemical containers, and makeshift plumbing systems, contributing to extensive mould growth and water damage across both levels of the property.

The severity of mold contamination necessitated immediate and thorough remediation efforts to restore the property to a habitable condition.

The Solution

To address the extensive damage and contamination, the remediation team undertook a comprehensive strategy. The first step involved the careful removal of debris and all tenant belongings from the premises.

Subsequently, all wall and ceiling linings, as well as floor coverings on the first level, were stripped out. On the second level, wall linings up to 1200 were removed, along with all floor coverings and subfloor materials.

Following the strip-out process, the team focused on mould remediation, decontamination, and structural drying throughout the property. These critical steps were meticulously executed to ensure the elimination of mould spores and restoration of indoor air quality, preparing the premises for the next phase of reinstatement works.

The Outcome

The remediation works spanned a period of four weeks, during which the team successfully achieved Post Remediation Verification (PRV), confirming the property met stringent health and safety standards. With the completion of PRV, the property was handed over to the appointed builder to commence reinstatement works. This collaborative effort ensured that the once-contaminated and damaged property could undergo necessary repairs and eventually be restored to a safe and habitable state for future occupants.

Through effective project management and specialised remediation techniques, the team not only remediated the immediate damage caused by the illegal grow house but also laid the groundwork for the property’s full recovery and return to market viability.







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