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Grow House / Mould Damage

The Challenge:

A rented residential property was used illegally as a grow house for marijuana. On the initial attendance it was found that every room in the home had been used in this operation, there were over 300 plants in the property and the tenants had already completed one harvest.

We found hundreds of kilos of wet soil, chemical containers, plumbing systems with Mould and Water damage across both levels of the property.

The level of Mould damage and contamination in the property meant we had to perform large scale strip out works.

Solution Provided: 

Steamatic started by removing debris and all the tenants’ contents from the home.

Once the property was emptied our works included stripping out all walls/ceiling linings and floor coverings from level one.

Level two required the removal of wall linings up to 1200, the removal of all floor coverings and  subfloor.

Once completed our team performed Mould remediation, decontamination, and structural drying works.

The works ran for a period of 4 weeks, after achieving Post Remediation Verification (PRV) we were able to hand the property to the appointed builder for reinstatement works to begin.






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