Burst Pipe Recovery: Restoring 75% of Home from Water Damage

Urgent Restoration: 4-Bedroom Home Rescued After Kitchen Pipe Bursts, Flooding 75%!

The Challenge:

A burst pipe in the kitchen caused flooding to 75% of  a 4 bedroom home. Water damage extended from the kitchen, to the dining, living, lounge, passage and bedrooms.

Initial mitigation works included restoration of carpeted areas, and structural drying of wall linings and underneath kitchen cabinetry.

Following the initial works the Tasmanian Oak timber flooring in the open plan kitchen/dining and passage, which had been direct glued to concrete; was re-assessed display extensive cupping throughout, along with elevated moisture readings.

After considering the condition, construction type, level of damage and likely replacement costs , it was agreed that specialty timber floor drying was a cost effective option.



Solution Provided: 

Specialty drying works commenced using heat boost boxes and drying mats to target the affected timber flooring directly, supported by a Drymatic II Heater controlling the temperature and humidity.

The drying process was monitored regularly, which included recording environmental readings and moisture contents readings throughout the affected areas.

Once the moisture contents levels were acceptable, and our drying goals were reached, all equipment was removed from site. Follow up inspections found that the cupping that was highly noticeable prior to drying had been reduced significantly, if not all together.

The flooring was then left to re-acclimate before it was refinished by a flooring contractor, back to its former glory!






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