Fast Industrial Freezer Restoration for Food-Grade Compliance

Steamatic: Fast Industrial Freezer Restoration for Food-Grade Compliance

In June 2020, a critical electrical malfunction unfolded within the confines of an industrial blast freezer at the largest commercial tuna factory in Port Lincoln, SA. This unforeseen event resulted in the melting of a polycarbonate freezer, dispersing an unpleasant residue throughout the entire facility. The urgency of the situation intensified as it occurred just four weeks prior to the scheduled processing of over 200 tonnes of sashimi-grade southern bluefin tuna.

The Challenge:

Faced with the imminent arrival of the tuna, the challenge at hand was to swiftly remediate the structural and content-related damages within the entire factory. The mandate extended beyond mere restoration, requiring the complete elimination of odours and thorough sanitisation to meet the stringent food-grade standards.

Industrial Freezer Restoration Solution: 

Responding promptly, Steamatic Regional South Australia – Port Lincoln Depot dispatched a team of experts to assess the extent of the damage. Collaborative discussions within the Steamatic group led to the swift identification of a solution, culminating in the creation of a comprehensive report detailing the scope of necessary works.

Upon approval of the proposed plan, Steamatic commenced the restoration process using scissor lifts, scaffolding, and cutting-edge air filtration and odour control technologies. An interesting facet of the project was the remote monitoring of all activities via CCTV from Japan. With Japanese buyers unable to attend in person due to COVID-19 restrictions, specially fitted CCTV cameras facilitated continuous oversight from overseas.

The successful completion of all tasks met the highest standards, eliciting relief from the site management, who commended the professionalism exhibited by Steamatic Regional South Australia. This expert intervention not only resolved the immediate challenge but also underscored the capability of industrial freezer restoration specialists to ensure operational integrity in the face of unforeseen emergencies.






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