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Effective Water Damage Restoration: Addressing a Burst Vanity Pipe in an Upstairs Bathroom on the Gold Coast.

Facing the challenge of extensive water damage, our team encountered a scenario where water had traveled through multiple spaces, including the Ensuite, Main Bedroom, Walk-In Robe, Downstairs Laundry, and Living areas. The situation became critical as the downstairs ceiling had become unstable, with a portion already collapsed. Upstairs, the solid timber flooring on a particleboard subfloor demanded thorough drying from both above and below to salvage the floor.

The Challenge:

The water damage had left a trail of destruction, affecting various critical areas of the property. Downstairs, the instability of the ceiling added complexity to the restoration process. Urgent intervention was necessary to stabilise the situation and prevent further structural damage. Moreover, the solid timber flooring upstairs presented a unique challenge, requiring a comprehensive approach to ensure effective drying and prevent long-term issues.

Solution Provided:

Our expert team swiftly implemented a solution tailored to the specific challenges posed by the water damage. To contain and address the heavily affected areas, we strategically installed containment measures. Utilising advanced techniques, such as drymatic mats and injecta dry systems, allowed us to accelerate the drying process and minimise the impact of water damage on the property.

The use of Zip poles played a crucial role in supporting ducting for accessing the ceiling cavity, enabling efficient restoration without disrupting the living spaces of our clients. The timely and effective measures taken not only stabilised the situation but also ensured the preservation of the solid timber flooring upstairs, ultimately leading to a successful restoration outcome.





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