Steamatic Restored an Apartment in Metro Melbourne After Fire.

Steamatic Brimbank Restored an Apartment in Metro Melbourne After Fire

Steamatic Brimbank recently restored an apartment in metro Melbourne after a fire caused significant damage. The fire left soot stains on the external brick wall, necessitating immediate and effective cleaning to restore the building’s appearance and integrity.

The Challenge:

The incident led to extensive soot damage on the external brick wall of the apartment building.

The affected area was isolated and had limited access to power, complicating the restoration process. Therefore, the challenge was to find a suitable cleaning method that did not require power and could effectively remove the soot without damaging the brickwork.

The Solution:

Steamatic Brimbank evaluated several cleaning methods, including ice blasting and laser cleaning. However, due to the power constraints and the isolated nature of the affected area, they opted for the poultice application method. This technique does not require electricity and is highly effective for this type of restoration.

The team prepared a specialised poultice mixture tailored to remove soot stains. Using a boom lift, they applied the poultice to the soot-damaged brickwork. After allowing it to be set for 24 hours before they removed the poultice and rinsed the wall to reveal the cleaned surface.

The Outcome:

The restoration project concluded with impressive results. The soot stains were successfully removed, and the brickwork was restored to its original condition. The project was completed on time and within budget. The client expressed high satisfaction with the quality of work, and no additional restoration efforts were required.

Steamatic Brimbank’s innovative approach and meticulous execution ensured the successful restoration of the apartment building, showcasing their expertise in handling complex restoration challenges efficiently.

External brick wall after fire damage - front view External brick wall after fire damage - side viewRinsing poultice mixture - side viewPoultice mixture - side viewFire damaged brick wall with poultice mixture side viewFire damaged brick wall with poultice mixture front viewFire damage external brick wall after our provided solution

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