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Hot Water Leak: Seamless Restoration of Saturated Subfloors and Ceilings

Navigating the aftermath of a hot water leak required specialised expertise. In a recent case, we successfully addressed the challenges posed by hot water leaking directly into the ceiling cavity, causing saturated particle board subfloor and ceilings in the downstairs lounge and kitchen areas.

Our Tailored Approach:

To mitigate the impact without causing further property damage, we strategically removed the light fittings in the affected areas. This allowed us to install ducting into the ceiling cavity for a targeted and effective heat drying process. Crucially, our method ensured that the living space remained habitable throughout the drying works.

Key Advantages:

Opting for our specialised approach eliminated the need for drilling holes into the ceiling, preventing additional property damage. Our restoration efforts extended to both the affected ceiling and the subfloor above, providing a comprehensive solution to the hot water system leak.

Further to this, we didn’t fill landfill with subfloor and plasterboard.

Choose our specialised expertise for seamless recovery from a hot water system leak. We prioritise efficient solutions, property protection, and expert restoration tailored to your specific needs.

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